About Last Night...

Holy cow. I have way too much to say about last night that one Instagram post just couldn't contain it. So, I'm going to take a swing at this blogging thing instead. First off: Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that came out to the Turf Club last night! The energy in that room wouldn't quit the entire night and I just found out that it sold out!! How freaking cool is that?? We officially sold out our first venue! I mean, that Rayland guy was alright but our fans were definitely pushed The Turf to capacity. You're welcome, Baxter.

All jokes aside, Rayland, his band and Hope Country are AWESOME people! It's one thing to be incredible musicians, but to match that with a genuine down-to-earthness that makes it totally cool to sport a Jar-Jar-Binx mask in the green room 10 minutes before showtime is pretty unique. Or, maybe that was the EPAs... Either way, it was a pleasure fellas. Thanks for the opportunity and we're looking forward to the next time!

This was our second time at The Turf Club and it really kicked the first time in the ass. There's a fine line between a Monday and a Friday night at The Turf and I'm glad we got to experience the latter. On Thursday night, the band met to put together our set list and run it down a couple times but something just seemed off. I was forgetting lyrics, Sam didn't know what key songs were in, real elementary shit was tanking. A burrito break seemed to help smooth things over but needless to say, we weren't batting 1.000 going into Friday. 

Thankfully, our sound guy, Cody, was an absolute stud! We actually got a sound check (the first opener is usually lucky to touch an instrument before doors) and he nailed down our mix onstage. This was probably the most comfortable I've ever been playing with the full band and that made our 40-minutes fly by. After starting with a few new selections from our "uptempo comfort zone", we took things down with Let Go and Mexico. (NOTE: Yes, I do know the real lyrics to the last verse of Let Go but that's the joy of live music, sometimes you get so distracted by the hot girl selling merch you make shit up).  The high point of the night came when we ripped through Whiskey/Water. There was a last minute audible to move this to the middle but it worked out to provide the perfect energy kick to line up the rest of the set. As of late, the Serenity/Cowboy ending has become a staple in our set list for the same reason Springsteen would close with Thunder Road/Dancing in the Dark. Close with the stuff people know and leave them wanting more... and yes that was a shameless Boss comparison...

I'm glad we were up first because there's no way we could carry the energy that both Hope Country and Rayland brought. Listening to Rayland sing Oh My Captain with just his Gibson was a mini dream come true and if you shut your eyes, you would've thought you were listening to Yellow Eyes straight off Spotify if it weren't for the hipster drinking PBR next to you. Not sure how those guys were able to make that sound but they were spot on the whole night!

Special thanks to First Ave. for getting us into this gig and for 89.3 The Current for giving us a full room to play to. Thanks to everyone at The Turf Club for being great hosts and for the dope salsa in the green room. And, most importantly, thanks to everyone who came out to support us - This was one of our biggest shows to date and you guys made it a great memory. More pics to come! 


-Turf Club-

Chasing Dreams

Voodoo Queen


Let Go





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